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RLT Industries, Inc. is a small family owned company dedicated to bringing great toys, games and models to kids, with more than just their entertainment in mind. Our products inspire kids to learn history, physics and engineering, work with their hands and develop problem solving and analytical skills, all while having fun doing it. You won't find higher quality items of this kind anywhere else. We guarantee it!

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Have you hurled today? ™

Catapults and other projectile machines available at

What Would DaVinci Do? ™

Machines and structures based on
the works of Leonardo DaVinci
Available at

Static and Dynamic
load bearing structures

Bridges, Towers and other projects
available at

Understanding the power
of mechanical advantage

Simple machines and other classic devices at

RLT Publishing

Books, CDs, DVDs, Software, Plans and more!

Backyard Artillery

Everything you need for your Backyard Ballistic Battles!

Our Mission Statement:

RLT Industries will be positioned to expedite e-business platforms and mesh just-in-time, on-demand supply-chain management systems with integrated, transparent, "sticky" and(/or) intuitively obvious interfaces which transform visionary markets through recursive iterations of cradle-to-grave lifecycles in focused, one-to-one paradigms, and revolutionize cross-media mindshare. Or just sell toys. Whichever works out better.

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What I hear, I forget.
What I see, I remember.
What I do, I understand.
-- Ancient proverb

(More information about the educational value of model building.)

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